Maya Frost  

Writer of moving stories                                                                        
I write about changes in place and perspective.         
Whether I'm living in a rustic farmhouse in Uruguay, a rebuilt factory in Mexico or a converted love hotel in Japan, I love looking at the world through varied lenses. These days, I'm living on the grounds of a boarding school in China while serving as the private English tutor for the young daughter of a famous billionaire. 

My first book, The New Global Student, was published by Crown/Three Rivers Press (Random House) in 2009. I recently finished my first novel, White Crane Spreads Its Wings, a quirky 21st-century take on Anna and the King of Siam--with a Chinese twist.  It's set in both Portland, Oregon and Hangzhou, China and there's tai chi, Portland bike culture, classic kid lit, conservation and karaoke.  

Now, I'm diving into my next novel. Sea turtles, tropical islands, Walla Walla and much more...

My agent is Jen Karsbaek of Foreword Literary.

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